Boulogne (France), October 03rd, 2016

Galitt is proud to announce its Terminal Test Suite has just received MasterCard qualification for contactless functional tests (Level 2), a recognition for Galitt high quality flexible and automated test tool series.

Galitt Contactless Terminal Test Suite enables to perform the reference test suites defined by MasterCard in order to qualify payment terminals for use with contactless cards and devices. These reference test suites include a series of positive and negative scenarios that test all functional aspects of the payment terminals.

The Galitt Contactless Terminal Test Suite implements Test Cases used for the MasterCard Contactless Type Approval Level 2 (“TAL2”) for products compliant with:

  • MasterCard Contactless Reader Specification – version 3.1,
  • EMV Book C-2 – Kernel 2 Specification – version 2.5.

Galitt focuses on performance and user-friendliness for all its test tool series. Galitt test tools are highly automated: to test a payment terminal, the user just needs to execute the test as physical cards are replaced by a simulator that presents all the test scenarios to the terminal. Automation and user support is paramount to execute terminal tests as typically a test session for contactless terminals includes more than 2,000 test scenarios.

Galitt test tools are suited for all levels of expertise of the user. A test technician can use Galitt Contactless Terminal Test Suite in order to ensure all tests are run properly without having to deploy any specific expertise; at the end of the test, he obtains a detailed report that will be used for product qualification. With the same tool, an experienced test engineer can obtain all details about the test plans and analyze all exchanges between the card and the terminal, making Galitt Contactless Terminal Test Suite a very powerful instrument for both test and debug operations.

In addition, Galitt Contactless Terminal Test Suite automatically generates reports, which can show various levels of detail in order to cope with all expertise levels, from a simple compact report with the verdict of the test, pass or fail, to a fully detailed report listing all tests along with their applicability and comments whenever tests fail or are not applicable.

François Inglebert, Marketing Director, Testing Solutions at Galitt declares: “With this MasterCard qualification, Galitt is now able to propose Level 2 (functional tests) tools executing test suites for contact and contactless terminals for all major payment networks. Galitt is so the only independent provider offering such a broad range of testing tools.”

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