Chicago (IL), April 29th, 2015

Galitt is proud to announce that its expertise is recognized once again as American Express has qualified Galitt KaNest®-ICC test tool as conforming to its AEIPS 6.0 specification. Especially considering the EMV migration in the US, Galitt is in the best position to bring its support to the whole payment community: merchants, acquirers, processors, VARs, terminal developers and integrators.

American Express has developed the “American Express Integrated Circuit Card Payment Specification” (AEIPS) as an implementation standard for the global EMV standards for smart card technology. The AEIPS standard includes card specifications, terminal specifications as well as a series of rules and test plans known as the AEIPS 6.0 test specification. These test rules and plans define terminal integration testing.

American Express is now including Galitt KaNest®-ICC AEIPS TTS 2.00.00 test tool in its Approved Product List for the AEIPS 6.0 specification. Galitt KaNest®-ICC card simulator allows checking the compliance of card acceptance systems with Brands’ requirements. KaNest®-ICC and its Test Suites are used to debug, evaluate and/or certify acceptance devices such as POS terminals, ATMs, etc. based on card standards.

This recognition is important as it makes the EMV migration easier for all stakeholders in the US, aiming at supporting chip cards no later than October 2015. With Galitt KaNest®-ICC, users benefit from an easy to use tool to verify that their terminal supports all EMV compatible payments cards and that the transactions are transmitted with all the appropriate parameters to the American Express network. In addition, KaNest®-ICC has also been qualified as conforming to American Express card terminal Log 1.2 specification, thus ensuring it produces test logs that can be easily integrated in a standardized development and test environment.

Loïc Berton, Senior Vice-President, Emerging Payments, Galitt US, comments: “With the American Express AEIPS 6.0 qualification, Galitt demonstrates its commitment to propose all the necessary test tools for the US market. This complements Galitt’s extensive offer to support EMV migration in the US, providing education, consulting, testing and certification services to all players. “ Thanks to Galitt long-standing expertise, the KaNest®-ICC test tool brings ease of use to the operator. It allows to easily automatizing the test process. KaNest®-ICC is recognized by all major payment schemes.

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About Galitt ( – Galitt US, with the support of its parent company Galitt, , has been dedicated for 25 years to providing consultancy, education, testing and certification services for payment systems and secure electronic transactions. Galitt US is focused on assisting US stakeholders more rapidly and productively streamline their EMV migration processes. Galitt has been helping financial institutions including Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, ISOs, ISVs and Merchants migrate to EMV since the first European deployments. Now, Galitt US is actively assisting US customers with a wide array of services ranging from off-the-shelf EMV education courses to Brand qualified EMV test tools, as well as consulting and certification services. Galitt also provides expertise in emerging payments, including GlobalPlatform and NFC technologies.

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