Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity for Mobile and IoT Devices

Cybersecurity for connected technologies is a major risk and Deltec Consulting has partnered with the worldwide industry-leading cybersecurity expert eShard to distribute esChecker® their SaaS solution to verify mobile application defenses; and esDynamic® their collaborative data science security testing platform for end-to-end side-channel and integrated circuit analyses.


esChecker is an automated defense scoring platform that evaluates your mobile app shielding reliability by performing automatic behavioral analysis during runtime

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“Your team develops sensitive mobile apps and has integrated shielding technology and runtime application self-protection (RASP). How can you evaluate the effectiveness of those defences in an automatic and streamlined manner?“

“You are already or you want to become an expert in Integrated Circuit analyses - cryptography side-channel, laser fault injection“


esDynamic is a scientific and collaborative platform, the world reference for empowering experts in IC cyber analyses

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With a full program of technical hands-on training sessions, you will learn by doing thanks to an online content and an expert guiding you

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“You want to better apprehend the risk on iOS or Android mobile applications: what is possible to do and how to find the right protection “

“You need to get a security diagnostic of your mobile application solution and understand how it can be improved“


A team of best-in-class cyber security professionals specialized in audit of sensitive consumer mobile apps

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