Boulogne-Billancourt (France), October 20th, 2014

Galitt makes a new step on the path to dematerialization. With Galitt HCE probe for KaNest® ICC, the test of contactless terminals is completed with a simple NFC-enabled Android handset, instead of a specially designed physical card emulator. This way, testing payment terminals becomes easier and a lot more cost efficient.

Until now, testing terminals was a process involving sizeable equipment. Testers had to use a physical card simulator to test payment terminals. In order to perform payment terminals functional tests, one had to use a PC running the test program (KaNest®-ICC simulator) and executing Test Suites defined by major payment schemes, connected with a physical device simulating a payment card.

Now, with Galitt’s HCE probe for KaNest® ICC, testing payment terminals becomes easier and more cost efficient. The HCE probe for KaNest®-ICC uses a simple NFC-enabled Android handset to play the role of the card simulator. Unlike a physical card simulator, an Android handset is able to communicate. As a consequence, the PC running the test program and the Test Suites can be remote from the actual test location, freeing the tester from the need to install equipment in close proximity of the payment terminal.

The HCE probe for KaNest®-ICC allows to perform end-to-end and interoperability functional tests for contactless applications, and, thus, to control the fact NFC payment applications based on HCE are behaving as described in payment schemes’ standards. Supported by Google in Android 4.4 KitKat, HCE consists in the presentation of a virtual and exact representation of a smart card using only software. Endorsed by Visa and MasterCard among other organizations, HCE allows to complete payment transactions without the need for a hardware secure element.

Galitt HCE probe for KaNest®-ICC is particularly adapted to the needs of entities willing to test a large variety of payment terminals already installed on the field. For instance, in the context of the deployment of a contactless program, payment schemes, issuers, acquirers, and terminal vendors need to ensure all payment terminals will behave according to contactless payment specifications. Thanks to HCE probe for KaNest®, these tests can be completed easily, without having to deploy cumbersome and complex test equipment near each payment terminal. The tester only needs to carry a handset, and the test equipment is installed in the lab. Test entities are able to use all their existing Galitt Test Suites without any change with the HCE probe for KaNest®.

Vincent Mesnier, Director of Integration Services at Galitt, says: “With HCE probe for KaNest® ICC, we are bringing a vast array of possibilities to the world of test. It is easier now for payment schemes, issuers, acquirers and vendors to make sure payment terminals will support all card and all credit / debit applications.”

The new possibilities opened by HCE probe for KaNest®-ICC are endless. This evolution brings flexibility, efficiency and ease of use in the test process, thus reducing the lead time and overall cost of qualification.

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