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Skip-the-Line Self-Scanning and Mobile Payment Solution
An Easier Way to Fuel up with In-dash Fuel Payments and Reward Savings
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Who we are

Enable the future of payment technologies


Founded in 2006, Deltec Consulting (formerly named Galitt US until 2016) provides a range of services enabling the future of payment technologies.

Digital Retail Payment Solutions

  • We distribute the retail payment solution Take & Pay. Take & Pay is a skip-the-line comprehensive self-scanning and mobile payment solution designed to speed up and simplify the shopping journey of your customers
  • We distribute the In-dash Payments and Reward Savings solution Automatric to simplify how customers can fuel up at their favorite gas station

EMV Testing and Certifications Services

  • We provide testing & certification services to assist stakeholders in achieving their implementation to EMV contact and contactless under tight time-to-market constraints
  • We distribute the Galitt test tools dedicated to testing cards, terminals, hosts, and payment networks

Deltec is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with its principal office in Chicago, Illinois.

Proven expertise from inception to implementation
Proven expertise from inception to implementation

Strong customer authentication solution based on biometrics
Digital Retail Payment Solutions

Accredited EMV certification services
Accredited EMV certification services

Recognized references nationwide
Recognized references worldwide

EMV qualified test tools
EMV qualified test tools