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EMV & Contactless Certifications
Test Tools for Terminal Vendors, Card Manufacturers, Acquirers, Processors, Issuers
Test Tools for Payments
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Cybersecurity for Mobile & IoT Devices
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Who we are

Enable the future of payment & security technologies


Founded in 2006, Deltec Consulting (formerly named Galitt US until 2016) provides a range of services enabling the future of payment and security technologies.

EMV and Contactless Certifications Services

  • We provide testing & certification services to assist stakeholders in achieving their implementation to EMV contact and contactless under tight time-to-market constraints.

Test Tools for Payments

  • We distribute the Galitt test tools dedicated to testing cards, terminals, mPOS, hosts, and payment networks.

Cybersecurity for Mobile and IoT Devices

  • We distribute eShard software and services dedicated to cybersecurity technology for mobile and IoT devices. eShard enables its customers to master the cybersecurity challenges, thanks to cutting-edge tools and know-how of "excellence".

Deltec is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with its principal office in Chicago, Illinois.

EMV qualified test tools
EMV & Host Simulators

EMV L3 certification services
Accredited EMV & Contactless certification services

Proven expertise from inception to implementation
Cybersecurity for Mobile and Devices

eShard – Cybersecurity ServicesGalitt – Payment Services & Tools