Outsource EMV certification efforts for our Customers

Stakeholders such as ISVs, VARs, Middleware Companies, Gateways, Processors & Acquirers are looking for external support to provide unbiased expert assistance, guidance and project management to achieve the certifications of their card payment infrastructure to contact and contactless EMV in a smooth and productive manner.

As a member of several payment industry organizations and based on its wide range of U.S. clients, Deltec Consulting presents an established track record in the US payments industry and can assist stakeholders achieve their certifications to EMV under tight time-to-market constraints.

Deltec Consulting is currently assisting a large number of merchants, gateways, acquirers to successfully certify their payment system for L3 EMV for contact and contactless.



PCI & EMV Compliance Workshop

Deltec Consulting provided an onsite workshop about PCI and EMV compliance to help our customer understand the path for full certification i.e requirements, process, cost, timeframe, prerequisites, preparation, execution. 

The agenda covered the PCI PA DSS, PCI POI PTS, PCI SPoC standards and the EMV certification Levels 1, 2 & 3.

Automated Testing Framework

Deltec Consulting is a Value-Added Reseller of Galitt Test Tools in the US market for EMV L2 & L3 contact & contactless Terminal Testing. Deltec Consulting recently helped one of their customers to automate its EMV Level 2 Terminal Type pre-certification testing, resulting in a savings of 75% in time & effort for their QA team.


Key Team Members

Dominique Pierre


Loïc Berton