Deltec Consulting’s progressive product and service offerings bring an enterprise-level of functionality and capabilities to industries where payment processing and cybersecurity are core components of their activities.

Deltec Consulting aims to be the exclusive partner to assist companies reduce the complexity of testing, evaluating and certifying their technology products, allowing them to be more competitive in today’s business environment.

The company delivers tailored payment testing solutions and cybersecurity evaluation platforms for such industries as B2B & B2C goods and services, health care, government entities and utilities. Its robust suite of products and services is specifically designed to deliver maximum value to the end-user. Deltec Consulting works collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment and cybersecurity challenges.

EMV/Contactless certification Services

Our subject matter experts and technical analysts expedites EMV/Contactless certifications and brings terminals to market under tight timeline constraints with competitive pricing.

It gives Merchants, Terminal Vendors, Payment Solution Providers, Gateways, Acquirers, Processors, a competitive edge while reallocating their resources towards more critical value-added activities.



Test Tools for Payments

Deltec Consulting has partnered with the compliance platform worldwide leading expert Galitt to distribute their powerful, easy-to-use and automated testing platform KaNest®. It allows Merchants, Terminal Vendors, Payment Solution Providers, Gateways, Acquirers, Processors, Issuers to validate the compliance of their payment solutions.

Either enabled as SaaS or onsite-installed platform, the tremendous testing platform’s automation abilities streamline your testing life cycle. The platform can simulate any component of the payment chain that interfaces with your system.

Cybersecurity for Mobile and IoT Devices

Cybersecurity for connected technologies is a major risk and Deltec Consulting has partnered with the worldwide industry-leading cybersecurity expert eShard to distribute their collaborative data science platform esDynamic® to make sure your mobile and connected devices are appropriately secure.

The platform has been specifically designed for end-to-end side-channel and integrated circuit analyses. It allows your talented experts to enhance the security of your solutions, using tools and modules to complete tests and analyses as well as leveraging built-in knowledge share, collaboration tools and bespoke online learning modules.


Key Team Members

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