Test Tools for Payments

Deltec Consulting is a Value-Added Reseller of Galitt KaNest® and VisuCard® Test Tools which are recognized in card & payment markets. Galitt is a worldwide leading products and services provider for the entire payment processing chain, which covers consulting, test tools and training for EMV contact, contactless and mobile payments.

1. Card & Mobile

Galitt provides KaNest®-ICC, a simulator designed to test and validate contact and contactless cards, and VisuCard®, a tool to verify the proper personalization of cards. Both tools are qualified by the Payment Brands and can be used with any form factor.

  • Contact cards
  • Contactless cards
  • Mobile device, including HCE
  • All types of Secure Elements (UICC, eSE, mS)
  • Digital watches and wearable devices

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   Download VisuCard® technical leaflet

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2. Terminals

Galitt provides Terminal Test Suites covering L2 functional and integration (End-to-End) L3 testing of contact & contactless payment terminals. These tools can be efficiently used at every stage of the development, such as debugging, pre-certification or certification, covering:

  • EMV Level 2 Contact Terminal Type Approval,
  • EMV Level 2 Contactless Terminal Type Approval for American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa
  • EMV Level 3 certification for American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa

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3. Host Testing

Galitt provides KaNest®, a simulator designed to perform and automate all tests of a device, an acquirer, a gateway, a switch or a network, in order to validate their conformance with message formats and business rules. Many testing configurations can be simulated for example Acquirer/Issuer host, PIN pad, Payment Network, etc.

  • Functional unit testing
  • Test automation
  • Regression testing

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4. File Processing

Galitt provides KaNest®-File, a simulator designed to test and validate file processing. It helps users ensure the conformance with every new version of standards and business rules. From XML-based format to the various versions of the ISO 8583 standards, Kanest®-File supports numerous file formats, including fixed or tabular formats.

  • File Converters, Batch Processing, Data Logging and Storage
  • ISO 20022 based formats, ISO 8583 based formats, XML, fixed-length formats, proprietary formats, TLV Fields, etc.

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