October 18, 2017, our client implemented contact & contactless EMV for the 4 major card brands covering 1300+ terminals in 170+ stores across the US. Deltec Consulting is now in the process of completing the certification of their international terminals including Canada’s Interac Debit technology.

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About Deltec Consulting (www.deltecconsulting.com) – Deltec Consulting has a long track record of experience working in the payments industry with American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. With its proven EMV experience and Card Brands’ accreditations, Deltec Consulting has developed Certification Services to support the stakeholders with their EMV debugging, precertification and formal certification phases. Deltec Consulting provides real-time support for the development team to help expedite the EMV payment application coding efforts by delivering prompt real-time answers to technical EMV questions. Deltec Consulting completes the different testing phases of the EMV certification process, from beginning to end, onsite or remote.

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