Boulogne-Billancourt (France), November 2nd, 2015

Expanding its ranges of test tools, Galitt introduces KaNest®-L3, an automated test tool for payment terminal end-to-end testing.

In the highly interoperable and standardized world of payment systems, every card needs to be supported by every terminal. Until recently testing the compliance of a terminal with this interoperability principle required to insert large numbers of test cards into a terminal in order to run test scenarios. Now, Galitt introduces the latest evolution in its KaNest® test tool range: KaNest®-L3, an interface that allows a full automation of the End-to-End terminal testing process.

KaNest®-L3 drives Test Suites that emulate test cards, as specified by the payment schemes (e.g.: AEIPS, ExpressPay, DPAS, MTIP, ADVT, CDET…) to be presented to the payment terminal. All the “Level 3” Test Suites implemented into the Galitt card simulator have been qualified or confirmed by International Schemes, such as American Express, Discover Financial Services, MasterCard or Visa. Of course, Galitt also proposes KaNest® that simulates responses of each payment network to the acquirer. Thanks to this complete offer, testing “Terminal – Acquirer” payment chain is fully automated.

KaNest®-L3 incorporates all test cards as specified by the payment schemes. As such, it is fully integrated with the MasterCard Test Selection Engine (TSE), a process that allows selecting the cards adapted to each test situation from a list provided by MasterCard. Moreover, KaNest®-L3 generates full test reports in a standardized format, including logs and test results.

With KaNest®-L3 and the TSE integration, Galitt has now built a full test environment able to simulate cards and network/host responders. The system is run through an intuitive web-type user interface and generates standard test reports. With this move, Galitt stands at the forefront of EMVCo Test Integration Taskforce that aims at standardizing even more test procedures allowing a higher flexibility, repeatability and automation level.

Thanks to Galitt KaNest®-L3 high automation level, users are able to automatize a large part of their tasks allowing all terminal developers, acquirers and test labs to save time and reduce their testing expenses.

François Inglebert, Marketing & Offer Director – Products & Solutions, declares: “Since its inception Galitt has been working at making test procedures simpler and easier. With KaNest®-L3, we deliver a new level of automation and user friendliness to the world of payment terminal testing.”

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