Chicago (IL), June 18th, 2015

As UL-Transaction Security establishes its new EMV lab in the US, it also reaffirms its trust in using Galitt qualified test tools, already used by UL laboratories in Europe and Asia. The lab will be equipped with the EMV Level 2 Terminal Test Suite which is qualified by EMVCo.

Gérard de Moura, President and CEO of Galitt US, stated: “Cooperation with UL labs has been a long standing Galitt story that we are proud to continue. Our two companies are instrumental is supporting the US EMV migration efforts, cooperating when appropriate although we remain competitors. This new agreement also confirms Galitt as a global leader in providing the industry with efficient qualified test tools to achieve required EMV contact and contactless certifications.”

The selected Test Suites simulate a set of contact and contactless cards that thoroughly implement all Test Cases as published by EMVCo. These Test Suites are based on the improved KaNest®-ICC engine, that provides the tester with the benefits of both the simple and user friendly “Tester View”, as well as the advanced and powerful “Engineer View”.

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About Galitt US ( – Galitt has been dedicated for 25 years to providing education, consultancy, testing and certification services for payment systems and secure electronic transactions. Galitt US, with the support of its parent company, is focused on assisting US stakeholders more rapidly and productively streamline their EMV migration processes. Galitt has been helping financial institutions including Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, ISOs, ISVs, VARs and Merchants migrate to EMV since the first European deployments. Now, Galitt US is actively assisting US customers with a wide array of services ranging from off-the-shelf EMV education courses to Brand qualified EMV test tools, as well as EMV consulting and certification services. Galitt also provides expertise in emerging payments, including GlobalPlatform and NFC technologies.

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