Boulogne-Billancourt (France), October 10th, 2016

Galitt brings its expertise to contactless POS terminal vendors by delivering audit services, as defined in EMVCo “Modular Label” approach. POS terminal developers, which obtain the “Modular Label” benefit from EMVCo optimized process, thus reducing their certification costs and lead times.

The EMVCo “Modular Label” approach defines software development methods leading the code to be structured in independent modules, and communication interfaces between modules to comply with specifications. As a part of its relation with EMVCo, Galitt contributed to the development of the “Modular Label” approach.

Thanks to its long-standing experience in payment and its deep knowledge of EMV® specifications, Galitt has been accredited by EMVCo as a Qualified Auditor for the “Modular Label” approach. This way, Galitt makes POS terminal vendors benefit from its experience and payment industry knowledge, triggering an always-improving quality in payment systems.

In the “Modular Label” context, Galitt controls the conformity of terminal developer processes with eligibility criteria defined by EMVCo. Hence, a terminal that fulfills these criteria obtains the “Modular Label”. It can then be certified by EMVCo under the “Optimized Process”, with a reduced cost and lead-time compared to the standard process.

Remi Gitzinger, SVP Business Consulting at Galitt, declares: “Galitt keeps up with supporting industrials worldwide for audit, test and certification processes. Thanks to the “Modular Label”
approach, we allow POS terminal vendors to benefit from a significant reduction in their certification cost and lead times. Once again, we are proud to deliver our expertise to POS terminal developers, in the form of audit services, along with our widely used KaNest® simulator range.”

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About Galitt ( – Galitt offers consulting and services dedicated to payment systems and secure electronic transactions. With a full set of recognized skills and know-how, Galitt assists its clients during the whole project life cycle: experts from the Payment Consulting
Unit with their innovative approaches shed light on strategic choices; consultants from the Payment Services Unit support customers implementing their payment projects; teams from Testing Solutions Unit develop test software and take an active role in test automation and certification processes; staff from the Payment Solutions Unit build and run added-value payment applications; trainers from the Payment Education Unit broadcast Galitt expertise and skills during their seminars.

Catti™, KaNest®, VisuCard®, G-Tokenizer™ and VisuBank® are software designed, developed and maintained by Galitt that may also host and operate them.


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