Chicago (IL), November 28th, 2016

Galitt US is pleased to announce its accreditation to provide Discover® D-PAS Consulting Services.

Discover Global Network, part of Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), has enrolled Galitt into its DPAS Consulting Service Provider program, which enables clients and partners to obtain support and expertise on D-PAS from industry specialists during D-PAS migration.

Galitt US offers assistance for the following categories: EMV issuing, EMV acquiring and transit. The purpose of this service is to help streamline payment stakeholders implementation of D-PAS ensuring accurate, thorough D-PAS certification and implementation processes.

“Discover continues to see increasing demand for D-PAS implementation support,” said Ellie Smith, Head of Chip Center of Excellence at Discover. “The addition of Galitt US expands the services
available to acquirers, issuers and merchants, supporting our ongoing efforts to streamline D-PAS implementation globally.”

Gérard de Moura, President and CEO of Galitt US, added: “This is a new step in the long-standing relationship between Discover and Galitt to successfully deploy new technologies. Consultant
accreditation is a significant identifier that will allow the US EMV stakeholders to easily pinpoint that Galitt has the expertise they need for D-PAS implementation. This complements the qualification of our D-PAS test tools.”

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About Galitt US ( – Galitt has been dedicated for 25 years to providing education,
consultancy, testing and certification services for payment systems and secure electronic transactions. Galitt US, with the support of its parent company in France, is focused on assisting US stakeholders in a swift, efficient and streamlined process with their EMV migration. Galitt has been helping financial institutions including Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, ISOs, ISVs, VARs and Merchants migrate to EMV since the first European deployments. Now, Galitt US actively assists US customers with a wide array of services ranging from: off-the-shelf EMV education courses; Brand qualified EMV test tools; as well as EMV consulting and certification services. Galitt also provides expertise in emerging payments, including GlobalPlatform and NFC technologies.


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