Cybersecurity for Mobile & IoT Devices

Deltec Consulting is a Value-Added Reseller of eShard security services and software.

eShard ensures that cybersecurity professionals and experts can manage the risk of any apps or device that is connected.

eSDynamic: Assess your Risks and Vulnerabilities

eShard's flagship platform, esDynamic, empowers cyber-security experts to analyze, understand and improve the security of the devices that we have come to rely on in all aspects of our lives.

  • Perform white-box cryptography and side-channel analysis with this all-in-one, web-based platform.
  • Collaborate, share and exchange results among different experts in the most efficient way possible.
  • Ideal for test labs, secure product developers, researchers and universities. 

Extensive Expertise in Security for Mobile and IoT

eShard consultancy service is available as an expertise laboratory. eShard is able to perform hands-on attack on complex objects, such as mobile or connected devices.

eshard supports you all through the process from understanding the risk of threats within your product or investigating attack techniques to building the right security.

  • Cryptography (side-channel, fault injection)
  • Software security (embedded Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Hardware security (Secure Element – SE, Trusted Execution Environment – TEE)
  • Communication protocols

eSDynamic Learning

Security training with eShard means you get to learn from the experts. eShard shares its expertise with you in a hands-on manner to provide a pro-active learning experience.

  • Side-Channel analysis knowledge
  • White-box cryptography knowledge
  • Mobile application reverse engineering knowledge
  • Deep learning knowledge