Boulogne-Billancourt (France), October 27th, 2014

Galitt KaNest® test tools now support the “Test as a Service” (TaaS) mode. This way, test campaigns can be run remotely, in the Cloud, thanks to a simple web browser on a PC or a tablet. This evolution opens possibilities for the development of new business models for the payment tests.

So far, test platforms were standalone equipments, which means the tester needed to have a physical access (or through remote connection utilities) to the machine running the tests. This configuration lead to extended lead times and increased costs especially impacting the installation and management of test software.

Now, Galitt is introducing the “Test as a Service” (TaaS) approach: all Galitt KaNest® series test software is from now on equipped with a web interface that allows testers to access the test platform remotely from a simple web browser. Now, testers do not need to sit close to the test equipment, they can be on the field, close to the object undergoing the test, for instance a payment terminal already installed in a store. Testers can run the test program and Test Suites from any regular PC or tablet.

Under this new approach, Galitt is introducing its “Test as a Service” offer in the secure transactions world. A test platform can be purchased once and accessed over the Cloud from any remote location. This way test labs, card and terminal vendors, financial institutions, payment processors etc. can mutualize the access to their test equipment while providing a better flexibility in the resource allocation for testing. In addition, thanks to the TaaS model, there is no need to install hardware and software on the computer used by the tester.

François Inglebert, Marketing & Offer Director of Galitt, comments: “Thanks to TaaS, Galitt opens new Business Model possibilities, and confirms its leading position as a test platform provider. From now on, Galitt customers are able to use our simulators as a service, and benefit from a better match with their test operations requirements in terms of flexibility and productivity. Galitt will also be able to position itself as a service provider to answer specific test needs from a set of players in the industry.”

Galitt has been developing and marketing functional test tools for more than 25 years, and proposes its full range of KaNest® simulators in the payment environment. Galitt test software is used by all payment industry players: banks and financial institutions, commerce, payment processors, card and terminal vendors for contact and contactless transactions, payment networks, and, more globally, every organization involved in payment.” The addition of TaaS capabilities to Galitt test tool range comes as part of the yearly maintenance release for license holders.

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